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First the 10 videos who garnered the most votes at the final screening, then the rest in alphabetical order.  They’re all excellent.

Audience Favorites

(top ten by class vote)

1. Nicholas Kyger, “Crabby Day”

2. Scott Turner, “Humanity’s Quest”

3. Nate Dierk and Duncan Lewis, “Game” (tied for 3rd)


Download, run with Blender and type p to begin.

3. Joe Thompson, “Runnin’ Dude”  (tied for 3rd)

5. Ketu Patel, “Xcellerade Sports Drink”

6. Stephanie Barlock, “Skydive in Space!”

7. Sooseob Won, “Mr. Golf Ball”

8. Gilbert King, “ Ninja Strike”

9. Duncan Hoge, “Lonely”

10.  Sean Chaney and Andrew Trumbull, “ Epic Win!”


(in alphabetical order)

Grant Anastas-King, “Blue Devil Breakdown”

Anna Carrington, “Exterior Home Energy Efficiency”

James Chan, “Superman”

Cameron Clinard, “Blender Animation Final 2010”

Nicholas Davis, “Turbo Squid”

Noreen Durkin, “The Cave!”

Eric Harmon, “The Only Thing More Asian that Rice is Eric Harmon”

Lynne Hull,  “The Most Unfortunate and Mysterious Demise of Sir Phineas Greyshire IV”

Kristen Janick, “Juggling Hank”

Duncan Lindbo, “No Dice”

Bethany Nuechterlein, “Poor Eugene”

Hanna Palmerton, “Loneliness Cured”

Austin Pittman, “Munus Gladiatorum”
(no web version yet)
Kimberly Poston, “Balloon Boy”

Amanda Price, “Dances With Fishes”

Sarah Riazati, “Weird-Bird”

Marc Ryan, “Sonic Boom”

Ying Shi, “The Story of Socket”

Allison Simmons, “Life Imitates Art Far More Than Art Imitates Life”

Phillip Smith, “Refringence”

Brent Sodman, “Owls Save The World”

Grayson Street, “Gone”

Marla Sullivan, “Girl for all Seasons”

Jinghe Zhang, “The Global Warming”

(no web version yet)